Tools List for SMART Affiliate Program Members

2 years ago

Hi, Everyone…


I wanted to give you a quick overview of all the tools that we have for you as members. It is quite long, so I will just provide the names for now, and as we drill down and start getting more members you will see tutorials in the SMART Training Platform as well as within the SMART Community.


Actually, you will see some of the tools in action within this site as they do help things run smoother and look professional too. You can judge for yourself whether they might help you with your own online business, whether you are pursuing affiliate marketing only, or perhaps other streams of income as well.


The tools are a mix of WordPress plugins (premium) that normally you would have to pay a good chunk of money for or they are automation tools to help you get more done in the same amount of time, or you can carve out more time for other activities as opposed to spending the time gained doing more inside your business.


Some are intended to help you build a website that Google and the other search engines will note is an authority website, as the proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) steps have been taken so they can easily see what you have published on your site.


Others will help you with marketing, i. e. banners, templates, graphics, templates, lead magnet kits, email swipe files, DFY training courses, PLR (private label right content), etc. All these resources will help you with the back end of your business (admin and such) as well as help you get more subscribers, loyal followers, and conversions for your offers.


In no particular order, let’s list them…


(1) PowerTube (YouTube related)

(2) MyLink (tracker tool)

(3) PowerSEO (SEO tool)

(4) Long Tail KW Pro (keywords for creating content that will rank)

(5) LeadWolf (getting leads)

(6) MyAnalytics (analytics tool)

(7) WP Power Pop Up (marketing tool WordPress)

(8) Convert Snap (marketing tool WordPress)

(9) WP SpeakEZ (customer support & marketing tool WordPress)

(10) Zoya (marketing WordPress tool)


We have more!


(11) Business Leads Platform (marketing tool)

(12) Power Sign PDF tool (business automation tool)

(13) Video Dashboard (social and website video posting scheduling automation tool)

(14-23) Various Video Creation & Editing Software Tools – 10 each (marketing)


And Yet STILL More…


(24) Chatbot Tower (customer support and marketing)

(25) Kuick List (marketing tool)

(26) Content Burger (social and website content creation, scheduling, and posting tool (marketing, content automation)

(27) SMART Cloud Funnel Platform/Site (sales funnels & marketing platform)

(28) SMART Contests (marketing tool platform)

(29) SMART 360 Leads (client acquisition and marketing platform)

(30) SMART Deals Pages (marketing platform)


Not Done Listing Our Tools – There are yet more for you…


(31) SMART Meetings (customer support and a leads development tool for WordPress)

(32) Get Appointments (customer support and leads development tool for WordPress)

(33) Chat Bots General (customer support and marketing)

(34) User Avatar Builder (marketing tool)

(35) Elementor Pro Page Builder (WordPress tool)

(36) Newsletter Pro (WordPress plugin to automate communication with subscribers)

(37) Divi Pagebuilder (WordPress tool)

(38) WP Review Pro (SEO tools and design tool for WordPress)

(39) SMART Defender Tool (WordPress plugin for security and backups of sites)

(40) LiteSpeed Cache (a WordPress plugin that connects your website to our servers to quicken load times)


More yet…


(41) Schema Premium WordPress Theme (allows for faster loading times when coupled with other tools)

(42) Sales Funnels Examples & Templates (will help build effective sales funnels)

(43) 1-Year of Swipe Files (helps to get your email marketing off the ground)

(44) Key Word/Long-Tailed Keyword Lists (various and new ones provided regularly to be used with your content creation)

(45 – 47) Planners, Templates, Worksheets (helps you get organized and moving forward with your business development)

(48) Lead Magnet Kits (helps you convince website visitors to become subscribers to your website)

(49) PLR Store (helps you create new content quicker, can be used as a starter for additional lead magnets, can also sell)

(50) Graphics Various (helps with your content and marketing programs)


We’re not done yet!


(51) Image, Video, GIF resource platform (useful for content and marketing)

(52) Video Backgrounds (useful as you start creating  videos as part of your content publishing)

(53) Keyword Atlas (a tool for finding keywords that people are looking for currently)

(54) DFY Training Courses (useful to earn money or draw in subscribers, as lead magnets)

(55) Voicemail Pro (customer support and marketing)

(56) WP Tap2Call (WordPress plugin for marketing and customer support)

(57) LinkProfit (tracking tool for marketing and offers)

(58) Loyalty X (a tool that will help you build customer loyalty)

(59) SMART Reviews (a WordPress plugin that will help you create video reviews that are unique and effective)

(60) SMART Meeting Rooms (an external conference room that you can use to meet using video, audio, and share screens, with a whiteboard tool, recording tool, and a live chat tool)


Yet STILL more…


(61 – 63) Three additional video editing tools (for creating a variety of videos for your business)

(64) SMART Tracker (an external platform to track your marketing pages and content)

(65) SMART Banners (a platform used to create banners that you can place on your websites for marketing/sales)

(66) SMART Digital Cards (create your digital card and share via phone or QR code)

(67) Instant VSL (video sales letter) pages (marketing on your websites)

(68) SMART Surveys (useful for many things like research, content development)

(69) Affiliate Pages Pro (useful for marketing on your WordPress site)

(70) MasterClass Pro (useful for presenting classes or tutorials in a professional manner on your website)


And finally (for now, remember we are always looking for more useful tools for you)…


(71) Video Hosting Database (useful for hosting your videos on another platform outside of the normal hosts)

(72) SMART Tracker (yet another tracking tool you can use to check how your campaigns are doing)

(73) IM (internet marketing) checklists (super useful to use as guides as you build your business)

(74) Isometric Graphics (modern and useful for your content and marketing efforts)




That is a pretty extensive list I think you would agree? There is more too, so you will have enough resources to build a strong program quickly. Of course, it still depends on what you do with all the resources and training that you have access to. The planning then the work has to get done!


We will have tutorials on each of the tools or resources for you, and these tools will be either provided as bonuses for special membership drives that we run from time to time or through our SMART Rewards Program. That will be detailed elsewhere within the platform, but basically, you earn points and access to the tools by staying active and completing the training we have for you.


In any case…We are there to support your efforts all the way! Bet on that, and test us out to see if we do not mean what we say (we do)!



Dave : )

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