The SMART Affiliate Launch Contest – Updates

2 years ago
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Hi, Everyone!


I want to keep everyone abreast of the launch contest and updates throughout the contest period, and this is the easiest way to do that. As things develop, you can catch the latest right here, as this will be the central point (we will also update the contest pages, etc. as changes occur)…


So do check in often!


Right now, as I write this (12 Dec 2020 at 1400 Dubai time), it seems that there are too many steps involved in getting participants and having them sign up to the various platforms we have within the program, so I will simplify that process starting on Sunday, 13 Dec 2020. Prospects now must sign up for the contest, confirm that they want to via an email, then use the links we send after that confirmation to sign up for all the locations…


Adjustments To The Contest:


To make it simpler, the entry point for the contest will be at the requesting affiliate approval point, and from there, participants can sign up to the other platforms at their leisure. That means there will be no need to sign up for the SMART Community Center, nor to the SMART Training Platform, nor to sign up and confirm their entry to the contest.


Of course, it would be to their advantage to sign up to the locations so they can do a deep dive and see what is inside of the program. That can make it a much easier sell to potential members in reviews, testimonials, and some walk-through videos, etc.


Upon approval after request, contest participants can immediately start recruiting others to also sign up for the 10-day free access membership (and to the contest as well) as affiliates using their affiliate link. We can track the total number of referrals each contest participant collects and award prizes based on the affiliate program.


Some things remain the same…


People who sign up as affiliates will earn a 20% commission for all referrals that upgrade, and after 10 referrals the participants will qualify for a free month trial of full access to the SMART Affiliate Program. That opens the door for those that get the 10 referrals to receive a higher commission for referrals that upgrade, it opens all the training curriculums, they will get access to the DFY website, and etc.


This move streamlines the onboarding process and also means participants can focus on getting referrals…

Changes to Cash Prize Award Conditions:


To qualify for the cash prizes, we will add a requirement for a minimum of 20 referrals from the participant to qualify. So at 3 referrals, participants get a free $97 lead tool, at 10 referrals they get free monthly access to the full team membership level, and at 20 they qualify for cash prizes as laid out in the contest…


Contest Length:


Al the rest of the contest details remain in effect with one major exception. I am committed to awarding all the prizes and will extend the contest to make sure that happens. This means that even if we are starting slow, and some prizes are not awarded in the early stages, they will be as we add on time to the end of the contest.


The idea is to get as many people in and started as possible for the contest period and we are under no limits in regards to extending the contest to make sure that as many people have a chance to win as possible and to also take advantage of the launch pricing while it is in effect.


SMART Affiliate Program Launch Pricing Goes Away 31 Jan 2021…


Right now the pricing is scheduled to go up on 1 Feb 2021, and although we may have sales prices thereafter, we will still not be as low as they are right now. So there is a FOMO angle (fear of missing out). Those that get into one of the paid plans will be grandfathered at the lower price.


Bottom Line…


We are seeing lots of attention and signups to the contest, but I want to increase the pace for the sign-ups and the above changes are a way to do just that. Winners will still be recognized here and elsewhere, and we will have all the prizes awarded prior to shutting down the contest…


If you have questions, be sure to ask, and do share and let people know about the SMART Affiliate Program launch and contest, there are a LOT of prizes to win and money to be earned as an affiliate! Have a great day, and so glad to have you with us!






Dave Sweney, Co-Founder

SMART Affiliate ProgramĀ 

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