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2 years ago



Over a period of time, we will be highlighting the tools and resources that you get access to as a member of the SMART Affiliate Program in these community posts.

There are many, and these posts will help you sort through them all. I want to inform all the members of the community about the wide variety of tools we have, and this is a good way to get the word out.

You will not get in-depth training with these posts, rather an introduction so you have an idea of what each tool can do and how you can incorporate the tools as you build your business.


Today’s Topic: SMART Cloud Funnels

Herein I want to cover the SMART Cloud Funnels Platform. This is a tool that is similar to Click Funnels with some additional features and with more flexibility compared to the other similar tools out there.

We are charging $29 a month for non-members to have access to the SMART Cloud Funnels, and that price may go up as we see how people are using it.

Our costs (i.e. hosting costs, maintenance costs, bandwidth costs, support costs) are factored into that current price, and as these costs inevitably go up over time we may have to raise our price too.


How Much Will YOU Have To Pay?

As a SMART Affiliate Program Team Member, you are not going to have to pay a dime. Nothing, nada, zilch, zero…

The only “catch” is that to gain access to the tool, you will have to exchange points that you earn within the community on the training and support platforms to gain access to it.

This rewards you for being active in the training comment sections and within the community platform through commenting, helping other members, and posting your own training or blog posts.

These points are tracked by the membership system, and we keep a running tab on the points that you redeem for the different tools and other resources that we have.

Your point totals will continue to rise over time, and as you redeem them, we will always be able to tell you how many that you have available to redeem.

If this seems complicated, do not worry, it is not. Once you see how it works, your worries will be over. We WANT members to gain access to tools such as the SMART Cloud Funnel platform.


What Can The SMART Cloud Funnels Do For Members?

Good question and the answer is A LOT! You can use it to create lead magnet opt-in funnels and grow your subscriber list, you can build complete sales funnels, you can operate your email campaigns from within the tools, you can run webinar funnels (getting people to sign up for your webinars), etc.

If that sounds like something you can use, you are hearing and thinking right. I know that when I started out with online marketing, I was pushed by many seasoned marketers to use such a tool.

The problem was that they are expensive, hard to work with, and complicated to set up properly. The sale was more important than the support, unfortunately…

Our SMART Cloud Funnel Platform comes with easy to follow tutorials, and if there are questions on how to leverage or use it, they can be addressed in our weekly SMART Affiliate Program live support webinars that we have within the community site for paying members.


Here is a sample tutorial that you get access to:

Dave: “This tutorial will teach you how to build a funnel using the Cloud Funnel platform…”


Are There More Such Tutorials?

There are many of these tutorials and as I said, this platform is very versatile. Since we are hosting it on our own servers many of the limitations that you have with other platforms are not there.


Some SMART Cloud Funnel Platform Use Ideas:

You can use the “AutoResponder” feature to create email campaigns and send them out in blasts to your subscribers, you can use the membership building capabilities to create a special area for a niche that you may be interested in pursuing, and so much more…


Final Points

Now that you have an idea about the SMART Cloud Funnel platform, I am sure that you have some questions for me…

Just drop them into the comment section and I will get back to you with answers. We are building this platform for you, and we need to make sure it is helping you!



Dave : )


  1. This looks like a REALLY useful tool! Sales funnels are something I want to use, will there be training on how to plan for them and put them together? I would need that to go along with the tool I am sure!


  2. This is great! Good stuff there! Looking forward to learning more as I work with this tool!

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