How To Get Started As A New Member Of The SMART Affiliate Program

2 years ago

Welcome to the program! You are one of many new members here and it can be a bit overwhelming at first blush. But no need to stress out, this short post will walk you through the steps to make the onboarding easy peasy!

No matter how you got here (i.e. as a launch contest enrollment, through one of our affiliate links, or perhaps through our own links) the process is the same. Depending on the level you have selected, you will have some additional benefits and features over the ones that free 10-day trial members get access to.

I. The first things to do are to make sure that you are enrolled in:

(1) Join The Affiliate Program.

The affiliate program link to request approval is here: SMART AFFILIATE PROGRAM AFFILIATE APPROVAL REQUEST

(2) Join The SMART Training Platform.

The SMART Training Platform (you can sign up as a free member and we will adjust your membership to the membership level you have access to) here: SMART TRAINING PLATFORM ACCESS

(3) Create Your Profile Page.

The SMART Community Center website (this website) where you can create your personal page and add the information that you feel comfortable sharing with others…

(4) Enroll In The Launch Contest.

If you are getting set up before the end of January 2021, you can also enroll in the launch contest that is ongoing to win prizes of cash, tools, and free memberships. The link for the contest is:

(5) Join Our Facebook Support Group.

We also have a Facebook Group where activity on that platform is recorded and it works in tandem with the community site to present the latest updates and news from the program and our tools, offers, and webinars…That group can be found here: SMART Affiliate Support Group

II. Basic Training Fast Track Curriculum.

Next, start going through the Basic Training Fast Track Curriculum to get an introduction to what affiliate marketing is all about. You will learn step by step what it takes. Also, you will be asked to request a DFY website through our support that you can use to start developing your own business.

III. Interact within the community.

You will be able to interact with other members and earn points for your activity and contributions. These points can be transferred to SMART Credits which in turn can be used to redeem access to some of the premium tools that we have for members.

OK, that is the start!

Here is the mindset behind the above steps…

The idea is that members should not have to spend money on tools and resources for building their business. Hence providing a free DFY website that can be quickly edited and used to start posting engaging and valuable content niche members want to read about is included.

Of course, the next step is to start monetizing the traffic that you will start to get by promoting products within the niche to them. As they take action and buy the promoted products using your affiliate link, you get paid a commission. We show you how to plan your content and even prior to that researching and selecting a niche that will work (beyond our niche of Making Money Online which we already know will work!)…

This affiliate marketing business is not rocket science, but it can take some time to get traction with their work on publishing content that is optimized to get high rankings in the search engines, pulling in traffic from search engine users looking for that content, and then getting sales from the offers that you promote.

What we offer is the path, the tools, the support, and the means to go through the standing up process faster so you start earning quicker. Of course, you still have to do the work to develop your niche and promote the products within that niche, but you will have the things you need without having to spend a lot of money outside of membership here.

Not only that…

Because we know that people need to start earning quickly, you will notice that we have a Freelancer Mini-course (and if you are a paid member, you will have an entire curriculum of courses) to help you prepare offers of services you can promote. You get access to that as part of the free trial membership gratis!

These freelance offers you develop can be listed on several sites such as Fiverr, Freelancer dot com, Up Works, etc., and on our proprietary SMART Freelancer Services website. The work done once to get solid offers together can earn you money on all these sites. So you do the work once and use it again and again!

This is a good way to start earning online quickly.

If you have other skills that might work better or fit better for you, they also can be pursued (i.e. teaching, coaching, drop-shipping, etc.) as well. As a free member, we keep it simple and only discuss affiliate marketing and freelancer services, but as a paid member you will get access to many other streams of income training that will help you.

As you go through the training, there will be videos, textbooks, supporting materials, audios in some cases, and even worksheets to complete. We use all these formats as possible because we know that different people learn differently. If you need some other materials let us know as you go through the lessons. We love feedback!

Also, be sure to check in on our webinars that will be held almost daily. We will cover the “Big Three” subjects at least once each week (the SMART Affiliate Program, SAP Affiliates who may or may not be members of the program, and Freelancers and our platform). Two more will be held for Q&A.

The schedule will be announced well ahead (you will find it here within the platform as well as within the Facebook Group), and you may want to tune in as we go live. They will be recorded and added to a forum here plus they will be added to the training platform in one of the Advanced Modules and even on Facebook.

Do ask any questions as you get started. We are here to help you start earning as quickly as possible and there are no dumb questions. If something is not clear, let us know! There are also other members here that may have more experience you can tap into as well.

We are all in this together, and success is when all succeed. The more time and effort you put in, the more likely it is that you will get a lot back out from the membership. We are a place to help you cut the learning curve down to a manageable size when it comes to building your “work-from-home” business.

That is about it for this short post, thanks for becoming a member and I do look forward to getting to know you inside the various platforms! If you have questions, just ask in the comments below! Thanks…


Dave : )

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