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  • David

    Here are some of the projects that we are working on at the moment. As we get closer to actual deployment we will update on other channels within the site too so the word gets out to all!


    November 2020 through January 2021



    The SMART Affiliate Program is open to the public and special prices are in effect through 31 January 2021 (sales page can be found at https://davidrljce.kickpages.com/smartaffiliate3/ – go have a look)…

    This is an excellent chance to start getting passive income in place for members, as the referrals members get to upgrade to a paying membership will warm commissions, These are also recurring and a lifetime too!



    During this time as well, we have a special BF/CM (MONTHS) SMART Affiliate Program Contest running. The contest is open now as I am writing this (27 Nov 2020) and it will end on 18 Jan 2021.

    There is a total of over $63k in prizes to be awarded during the contest and they include tools, cash, and memberships.

    Details can be found here: https://davidrljce.kickpages.com/smartcontest/



    Tons of new materials are being added during this time period. Checklists, templates, worksheets, premium automation tools, and a lead magnet kits site will be added.

    We will summarize, update, and have links in our internal “library” forum where members can look through and get access information for all that we add from one central location.

    Note that instant access will be available to some as part of the specials that we have in place for the membership drive that is ongoing, and some will be “earned” as the points system starts providing SMART Cash Credits for members comes into play.



    We have a HUGE inventory of courses that need to be edited and added to the SMART Training Platform for members. We will get a list together of all the subjects and ask members to vote on the training they would like to see added first.

    There are also a number of lessons that are already published that do not have video lessons, they may be textbook-based or audio lessons. Over time we will add the video portions to the lessons as well, as we do know that some people learn better by watching a video lesson.

    Bear with us as we go through this process and let us know if you have some pressing needs and we will make every attempt to get them met! Also, if you do see something that needs updating please let us know. Things change all the time, and we want to stay up-to-date!



    As we grow in size and have more members and tools, etc. we are planning on growing the support staff to provide the proper level of service to members.

    This will be an ongoing process so bear with us as we scale up operations and do the same with staffing. Right now we have 18 people that are ready to come on board with us, so as we grow in membership numbers, our staff will grow right along with the numbers of members.



    We will establish FAQ sections by subject…There are so many moving pieces to the SMART Affiliate Program and Platform that this is the best way to organize things so members will be able to quickly get many answers they are looking for without having to submit a support ticket.

    Locations and links will be announced as these are deployed (we have a LOT to set up already based on the number of tools, curriculums, hosting/websites, and resources we have for members. These will prove to be useful for all we think.



    We will set up a store for all the lead magnet kits where members can access and use the ones they want and need. Each month we add at least 2 additional kits, and currently, we have over 200 on hand for members.



    We are working on a site where members can select courses that are ready to go and can easily be downloaded and added to websites. They can help get more subscribers, keep people on your website longer, and generally position the member as an expert in the niche.



    This is a concept that we have been pondering for quite a while and we want to do some trials and see how this works. Essentially we have 4 team members (maximum) work together on a few sites and they share the commissions earned. More to come on this one…


    (10) PLR STORE

    PLR has gotten a bad name in the market but it is not warranted because if it is used properly it can enhance your online business in a number of ways. Our store currently has over 500 products and is being revamped.

    We have many more PLR packages we can add once we have the site operating properly and we will add them. Members can use their SMART Credits to “purchase” the titles they need, so no need to spend real money! Another way we are trying to save you out of pocket expenses in this membership…



    One area that we are always focusing on is your websites. One key to having a strong SEO program that gets results in the search engines and traffic is having the right themes and using the right plugins, You will learn more as you become a “seasoned” marketer ref this…



    Over the next two months, we will be testing the different sites and procedures to make them operate better. Beta testers are fine, but when you start getting loads of traffic as I suspect we will have, things can and do go wrong.

    We will announce any such situations and provide a fix by date too as possible, and of course, minimize any downtime for any of the sites we are operating for the program. Please let us know when you experience any problems so we can fix them!

    OK, there is likely more, as I feel like we have been drinking out of a fire hose over the past 8+ months, but this is a good start!

    Cheers for now and let me know what you think!

    Dave : )

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