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2 years ago

Ready To Rock ‘n Roll?

Now that we are open for business, I want to publish a series of articles on the tools that you will be getting access to either right out of the gate when you sign up as a SMART Affiliate Program Team Member, either in a trial membership status or as a full Team Member under one of the plans that we have.

How Do You Qualify For A DFY Affiliate Website?

To go over the plans once again, so you understand when you get access to this benefit, and what else comes with it, let’s go over the options for membership you have…


Initial Sign Up

As a free member, you will have access to the SMART Affiliate Basic Training Curriculum (6 subject areas, 5 courses, and 60 lessons at the moment), the SMART Freelancer Services Curriculum (7 subject areas, 5 full courses, and at least 40 lessons), and the SMART Boot Camp Curriculum (9 Subject Areas, 5 Courses, and at least 40 lessons).

All that is great and they are sure to get you a strong start with your online business. There are many more lessons in the advanced level training beyond these that will help even more.

This initial training will help you prepare to create and build your websites so they are ready to pull in traffic and get you leads and conversions.

That is the next logical step after you have an understanding of what it is that you are shooting for…

This is where our DFY Websites come into play…

Rather than starting from scratch, you will be able to do some fine-tuning, and focus on creating content for your website as opposed to designing it.


All Paid Plans Have Access To The DFY Website

Once you select one of the plans, we will immediately assign you an affiliate website to start working on it.

As a trial month member ($19 for the first month) that is the one website that you will have access to.

You will not have to worry about a cPanel, as this does not come with the membership.

This is not a bad thing, as it can be quite overwhelming just starting out with the new terms, the lessons to learn, and just becoming familiar with the online business world.


For the rest of the paying members…

If you do decide to upgrade to a regular member using the monthly ($35), semi-annual ($180 every 6 months, or $30 per month), the annual ($300 once per year, or $25 a month), or the lifetime ($330 one-time, or $125 x 3 months), you can move the DFY site to your own cPanel and manage it from there.


Every DFY site uses a WordPress CMS (Content Management System), the Elementor Pro page builder, and an Astra theme base with one of their templates that works with Elementor Pro.


They come with SSL, CDN, and a cache plugin, meaning the DFY websites load fast on any device.

There is a plugin called UpDraft so you can set up auto backups as well (a good thing in case you ever have your site crash on you)…

There are a few other plugins that will help you have the best possible professional appearance to your audiences and provide you a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) base to start with.


DFY Site Appearance

The site looks sharp, clean, and modern and you can make minor tweaks to it and start adding content. We will be providing you training on the steps to take using the WordPress training that you have access to, and we will be having weekly webinars (these are recorded and archived for later viewing) to walk you through step by step the few things you need to do to be ready to start earning money.


You can have a look at the sample site that we have created for ourselves at https://smartaffiliate.network. We will provide you a subdomain of that site for your use (i.e. https://dave.smartaffiliate.network).


Later, as you start to build your other websites, as a full Team Member, you can choose to move the DFY site to your cPanel.


You can also leave it where it is being hosted and manage it with your other websites or leave it where it is.


Note that we also sell domains at a barely over a break-even price. We are not trying to earn a lot of income from this, just provide you a needed service in-house. 


Here is what the backend looks like (very similar to all WordPress backend areas):

We will add training videos to the courses and here within the SMART Community Center as well for you, and of course, you will be using one yourself…


This service is something that we really wanted to provide for our Team Members so they can get promoting and earning faster.


There are lessons and courses that will teach you how to plan and manage your content for the website (and for your social marketing using selected platforms) in the Advanced Curriculum too that will guide you.

In Conclusion…

This DFY Affiliate Website is going to help you get started faster with your online business.


Our marketing materials that you will find in the SMART Affiliate Boot Camp Curriculum will also teach you how to leverage the site to your benefit.


We are happy to be able to offer you this benefit as a SMART Affiliate Team Member! If you have questions, just ask in the comment section below!


Dave : )



  1. This looks great! I checked out the site and see that it will help get a decent looking affiliate website up and running fast. Is this what all paying members get? I saw through inspecting the page that Elementor Pro was used too.

    Is that pagebuilder included with membership? I really like how you can quickly redesign your website with that tool. I want to get started as soon as possible, when are you opening the paid plans?

    Not pushing, just anxious to get started! : )


  2. When is the training starting?

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