Almost There! Launch Is COMING!

2 years ago

Hi Everyone!

Just a short note…

We are ALMOST ready to open the doors of this community support center to the public, we are finishing up minor details now. This opening is not the end of our work, of course. There is still MUCH to add and fine-tune and once we have what is on the roadmap completed, we will be adding more!

This platform is going to be the hub of support, communication, activity, and much more. Of course, there are going to be many sites that our members, clients, and even affiliates are going to access, and to keep track of it all (as well as the changes and improvements) this is the place to keep an eye on.

Our goal is to turn this into a bee-hive of activity where members are sharing experiences, helping one another, enjoying some social time with other like-minded people, and where all can leverage the many resources we have for you to start and scale a business that you can operate from home.

In these days of uncertainty, it is nice to know that SOMEONE has your back. We do. Count on that! It is our commitment to you that we will do our very utmost to provide you the training, the resources, and the tools that you need to start and build your own business.

Cheers and looking forward to getting to know all of you better within the platform. I will be here every day almost for the foreseeable future…See you soon!


Dave : )

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